Basketball Coach Eloy Doce
Basketball Coach Eloy Doce
Basketball Coach Eloy Doce
Basketball Coach Eloy Doce

Who I am?

Spanish Top professional Coach with experience as a Head Coach in all of our FEB Leagues (LEB Gold, LEB Silver, LF1, LF2, EBA League, First National Division and Wheelchair Basketball 2nd Division League)

My last pro experience as a Head Coach was in the Women Spanish Top division league (CD Zamarat), one of the 4 best European leagues although my experience is practically in men's basketball. In Spain I have led more than 150 games in the LEB leagues, our 2nd and 3rd division league. I have therefore trained at the highest professional level in my country. I have also experience as a Head Coach in Iceland, Norway and Uruguay, in addition to having worked in different basketabll camps in different countries.

I have a lot of experience, I have coached players who have played for their national teams and some players with NBA experience. I have coached against the best Spanish coaches (some of them now in the world elite) and my teams have always been very competitives.

You can download my Bball resume in "About me" section. 

What can I also offer as a Basketball Coach?

Indivudal workouts

Expert in the work of Individual Technique and training of players.

Contact us and we will inform you ...

Visit my Video Channel and see how I work

Clinics and courses

Possibility of taking both Courses and Clinics.

I have given talks in various countries such as Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland

Basketball Camps

A lot of international experience as a coach in Basketball Camps and, at the same time, developing and organizing Basketball Camps in different countries. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more info.

Teams Pictures:

UB La Palma (LEB Gold)

Instituto de Fertilidad (LF2)

FSu Selfoss (Iceland) 

Wanderers (1st Uruguay Division)

Palma Aqua Magica (LEB Gold)

UB La Palma (LEB Gold)

COB Ourense (LEB Silver)

Discaesports (Wheelchair 2nd Div)

Palma Aqua Magica (LEB Gold)

Alcudia-Aracena (LEB Silver)

CD. Zamarat (LF1)

Centrum Tigers (1st Div - Norway)